WAS Call for Volunteers

Western Avenue Studios started 12 years ago with a idea. Owner Karl Frey had an idea to build affordable art studios in the city of Lowell. He started with several spaces on 5th floor of the C/D building. Area artists responded enthusiastically and began moving into Western Avenue Studios.

...And so it began.
The expansion grew slowly at first, as Karl continued to build more

studios and more artists discovered WAS and moved in.

Over the last several years, the pace has accelerated and we now have 250 studios, 50 Lofts, a Black Box theater, the largest Gallery in Lowell, a Brewery and over 300 artists...

...and we confidently boast of being the largest art colony on the East Coast and most likely in the country.

This type of growth does not just happen by accident. The ownership has provided us with an amazing facility.

WASAA volunteers, working with ownership, have devoted their time, energy and talents to expand the awareness and opportunities for the artists and bring us to where we are today

Now I ask you to look into the future...at the next 2, 5, 12 years...Where will we be?

  • I envision us as a well-known destination point with visitors traveling from around the world to come and experience Western Avenue Studios.
  • I envision having regular interior designer events at WAS, with designers coming here knowing of the variety and quality of artwork they can use in their businesses.
  • I envision having Gallery owners seeking out our artists to showcase in their galleries.
  • I envision having... not hundreds of visitors at Open Studios ... but thousands.
  • I envision having Open Studios more than once a month to accommodate our group.

Now the question I ask is:

Will you be a participant or an observer?
Will you help lead the journey or watch it pass by?

I was recently talking to a new artist in the complex. She asked me where to find out everything going on at WAS. My answer was “You need to a student of Western Avenue Studios.”

There is so much going on you need to work at keeping informed.

Seek out information and Pay attention to:

• Facebook and Yahoo sites
• Monthly newsletters
• Bulletin boards throughout the building
• Monthly WASAA meetings
• Floor Rep postings
• Special announcements slipped under your studio door.

Opportunities and upcoming events are revolving so rapidly that artists need to seek out information through all of the available resources to remain informed.

Our recent growth has provided exciting new benefits:

  • An exclusive partnership with the Merrimack Repertory Theater.
  • Regular artist interviews on the radio station WCAP
  • An exclusive partnership with Stonehenge Inn and Spa in


  • A new partnership with UMass Lowell.
  • 100's of people coming the Open Studios every month.

And so I ask again:
Will you be a participant or an observer?

The WASAA team is always looking for more volunteers to keep the momentum going:

  • Some tasks are simple tasks with a minimal time commitment
  • Many tasks can be done from home in your spare time
  • Some tasks are a once a year commitment
  • Some tasks will require more demanding roles and reap larger


Every volunteer helps!

As we move into 2017 and beyond, I ask you consider becoming more involved with WASAA and the growth of our community.

I ask you to consider adding your knowledge and expertise to the team of people making things happen.